of the Medina of Tunis

We go to the Medina with the certainty of feasting. Real caves of scents and tastes, the restaurants of the Medina, have for all those who visit them this small familiar air. We remember the Sunday lunches at the grandparents’, the atmosphere of festivals or we discover refined dishes that we have neither the time nor the patience to cook at home.

Whether inside a magnificent old building with a picturesque decor or sitting in a small alleyway allowing us to admire the life of the Medina, you will be spoilt for choice to taste the delights of its culinary art.

Dar Slah

Between traditional dishes and original creations thought by its Chef and owner, Sadri Smoali, you will be able to taste the gustatory delights of Tunisian tables.

The Doken

Small restaurant located in the heart of the Medina of Tunis, at 36 rue des libraires, next to the hammam Kachachine near the Zitouna mosque.

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