Practical information

Practical information



The Medina of Tunis is the historical heart of the city and is located in the middle of it. Surrounded by the new European city, called by the Tunisians “the City Center”, and the various suburbs and adjacent neighborhoods, it may seem difficult to access by car.

But think again! You just need to know the different access roads depending on where you come from.

East access by “Bab Bhar” or Porte de France

This is the first classic entrance type adopted by visitors. It is reached by the avenue Habib Bourguiba and thus by the heart of downtown Tunis. You can easily park your car in one of its many guarded paying parking lots. The largest and most peripheral are :

• Park Avenue

Commonly known as the Ministry of the Interior parking lot because it is located at the back:

It is accessed from the Square of January 14, 2011 (The large traffic circle of the obelisk clock), then through the street of Turkey and finally through the street of Yugoslavia.

• Central Park

Above the shopping center of the same name:

It is also accessed by the Place du 14 janvier 2011, avenue Jean Jaures, rue Mokhtar Attia and rue du Caire.

• The Palmarium

In the basement of the shopping center of the same name:

You can get there by Habib Bourguiba Avenue, Carthage Avenue, Germany Street and Greece Street. Or more simply by the street of Turkey, the streets of Yugoslavia, Serbia, Germany and finally the street of Greece.

West access by ” La Kasbah “

This is the second classic entrance to the Medina. It is reached via the Boulevard du 9 avril 1938. There is a very large underground parking lot located directly in front of the Government Square which gives access to one of the main arteries of the Medina:

• Kasbah Park 

Underground of the place of the Kasbah:

It is accessed by the street of March 2, 1934 between the City Hall of Tunis and the Ministry of Defense.


It is quite easy and sometimes even recommended when the city center seems inaccessible to you while driving, to go to the Medina by public transport and then on foot. To do this, you have the choice between a cab that will get you there, the metro (tramway), the bus, the louages (inter-urban collective cabs) the train or the TGM.

It’s up to you to choose which door you want to enter.

South access by Bab Jdid

If you are coming from Cap Bon or from the southern highway, you can access the Medina through the Bab Alioua district, where you will find the bus station, the rental car station and the metro (tramway) stations, then the Sidi El Bechir district and finally Bab Jdid.

North access by Bab Saadoun

Coming from the North and the West, you can access the Medina through the bus and rental stations and then take a cab or the metro to Bab El Khadhra.


In the Medina, there are no public toilets. However, there is the welcome and good manners of its merchants and inhabitants.

If you feel the urge, don’t hesitate to ask nicely to use the toilets of the cafés or gargotes that will be on your way.

You can as well take advantage of it to make beautiful meetings around a green of mint tea or a Turkish coffee.


On the outskirts of the Medina, many banks offering currency exchange are available. In the city itself, you will find them around the Zitouna Mosque, in the street of the same name, in the street of the Kasbah and in the street Sidi Ben Arous.

The same goes for the post offices. You will find them for example in Bab Bnet, Bab Souika and La Hafsia.