The Medina

The Medina

More than a Millennium of History

The Medina of Tunis

The Medina as a historical and traditional city, is a rather a recent designation. It is with the colonization and the juxtaposition of new cities of European type that this name was adopted. Medina, in reality, simply means “city” in Arabic. The current Medina is thus the first embryo, the heart of Tunis. Not frozen in time, over the centuries, it has grown, diversified, transformed. It bears witness to the greatness of the country and its rich and diverse history. For nearly 1300 years, its ramparts have protected its heritage, arts and knowledge. Thirteen centuries that have seen the small fortified city undergo, share and sometimes even dictate the political, cultural, social and economic reality of an entire country. The maze of streets, alleys and dead ends can, at first glance, confuse those who visit for the first time. However, when they will apprehend the Medina, they will willingly get lost between its palaces and residences, its historical monuments, mosques, medersas, zaouïas, tourbas, its souks and its doors. Indeed, its urban plan, which can, at first glance, seem anarchic, is, to look at it more closely, as ordered and codified as the gestures of one of the master craftsmen, that one can cross there. The Medina is a living organism. It breathes, it sees and it lives. For more than a thousand years, it continued to grow and shine. Then, like all living beings, in middle age, it began to decline. Luckily today, the Medina supporters are bringing in such a frech energy. Those are mainy youth that make the Medina’s heart beat again and dresses it in its most beautiful clothes. mdinti is born out of this wonderful dynamic.

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Mdinti, <br> Who are we? </br>

Who are we?

Mdinti is an Economic Interest Grouping of the Medina of Tunis comprising Actors with Different Activities and Scales: Craftsmen, Restaurateurs, Guest House Owners, Booksellers. We are above all the Living Forces of the Medina. Together We Aspire To Launch A New Cultural & Economic Dynamic Carrying Values And Generating Interest.