Souks & Craftsmen

Souks & Craftsmen

Souks & Crafts

of the Medina of Tunis

The Medina has never ceased to grow throughout its history, attracting at the same time, the required crafts and knowledge for its expansion.

These new inhabitants have each brought their stone to the building of the walled city, using their know-how to animate the economy.

Soon, the workshops of the artisans and the stalls of the merchants grew, expanded and regrouped into small markets dedicated to their respective trades. These souks share the streets of the Medina and draw its borders.

Souk Al-Attarine

Built by the Hafsid Sultan Abû Zakariyâ Yahyâ around 1240, Souk Al Attarine or Souk of the perfumers is a small market specialized in the trade of perfumes and beauty products.

Souk Ech-Chaouachine

The Souk Ech-Chaouachine is divided into three parts: the Souk El Hafsi on the street of the Kasbah, the Small Souk and the Big Souk, located between the street Sidi Ben Arous…

Souk El Blaghjia

It is the souk dedicated to the trade of Balghaji, craftsman shoemaker specializing in the manufacture of the Balgha which is a kind of leather slippers very common in Tunisia and the…

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Looking for a gift?

Looking for a gift?

When visiting the Medina, you will certainly stroll in its souks and ancestral stalls. You will have the choice between a multitude of original gifts, among the various trades that have made the reputation of Tunisian crafts.