The Medina of Tunis

From what was once a small Berber village, Tunis has transformed over the centuries into a cosmopolitan city. Long the capital of several dynasties with universal influence, it was considered, from the 12th to the 16th century, as one of the most important and richest cities of the Arab world. Since the twelfth century, the Medina, was and still the beating heart of the city.

From these successive dynasties, there are many testimonies of these periods of high glory and political, religious and cultural influence. With its walls and its imposing doors, its alleys and its souks with ancestral craftsmanship, its residences and prestigious palaces, its traditional hammams and its innumerable religious monuments, the Medina of Tunis is one of those well preserved in the Arab world.

All these monuments that constitute the Medina are now protected through its World Heritage status by UNESCO.

The gates of the Medina

The doors played an essential role in a Medina. They...

Historical Monuments

Prominent place of Islamic thought, the Medina of Tunis is...

History of the Medina

From what was once a small Berber village, Tunis has...


The Moorish baths or hammams were adopted and arranged by...

Palaces and Mansions

The Medina is rich in mansions and palaces which still...

Souks & Craftsmen

Divided into several districts, the Medina was endowed over the...

Choose YOUR guided tour!

Choose YOUR guided tour!

Discover the Medina of Tunis and its multiple facets with Mdinti by choosing among the many thematic tours offered. Whether you are interested in a historical tour on the steps of the dynasties and major facts that have defined the lines of the heritage bequeathed, by desires to escape into the myths, urban legends and anecdotes or you want to learn everything about the Tunisian culinary art whether it is sought after and refined or rooted and popular, we have the program made for you

Where to sleep
Hostels, Guest Houses & Hotels

Nichés dans ses ruelles sinueuses, la Médina regorge d’anciennes demeures et palais The Medina, hidden in its winding streets, is full of old buildings and palaces that have been transformed into holiday resorts. You’ll have the opportunity to choose the ones that suit you best. From inexpensive student hostels to charming hotels and luxurious guesthouses, the options are endless.

Guest Houses

At the corner of the alleys, well hidden by thick...


For a more classic stay, opt for accommodation in one...


Students or globe trotters on a budget, the Medina of...

Mdinti Who are we?

Mdinti is a group of economic interest of the Medina of Tunis including actors with different activities and scales: artisans, restaurateurs, owners of guest houses, booksellers. We are above all the living forces of the Medina. Together we aspire to launch a new cultural and economic dynamic that will bring values and generate interest.

Mdinti Who are we?

Where to Eat
Restaurants & Coffee shops

La Médina de Tunis regorge de tables et menus appétissants. Que vous ayez un petit The Medina of Tunis is full of appetizing tables and menus. Whether you have a little peckishness in the souks, whether you want to organize a professional lunch or dinner in a magical setting, you will know how to find the refined table or the gargote made for you.

Coffee shops

The Medina of Tunis is full of cafes where you...


We go to the Medina with the certainty of enjoying...

Street Food

There are many gargotes and small shops that offer fast...

Lost ? Parkings & Access

With Mdinti, the Medina will no longer hold any secrets for you! Whether you come on foot, by car or by public transport, we will help you to see more clearly and to decide on your itinerary simply. There are many guarded parking lots on the outskirts of La Medina. We will tell you which one to choose depending on the circumstances.

Lost ? Parkings & Access

What to offer
Arts & Shops

Rich of many ancestral trades and animated by new innovative signs, the Medina as its name indicates it is a city in the city. You will find everything you are looking for. A beautiful book to offer, a typical fez or balgha, perfume essences, thoughtful design, refined fabrics or small souvenirs….

So many possible gifts!

Books & Gifts

If you are looking for a beautiful book, a picturesque...


In a perspective of sharing and discovery, turn to an...


The Medina is the heart of artisanal know-how. In its...