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Dar Slah

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In the heart of the Medina of Tunis, 150m from the Zitouna Mosque, on one of the richest and most colorful arteries of the souks, the Kasbah street, the restaurant “Dar Slah” welcomes you in a warm and friendly setting to make you travel to the flavors of authentic Tunisian cuisine.

Between traditional dishes and original creations thought by its Chef and owner, Sadri Smoali, you will be able to taste the gustatory delights of the Tunisian tables.

It all started at the beginning of the last century, on the stands of the fairs of Tunis, with Slah Smoali, the patriarch. He served the delights of the sea in all their forms. This experience is fructifie and stands, he takes in management of beach restaurants for the summer season.

Thus was born the first “Chez Slah” on the beach of Amilcar, which finit by establishing definitively in the Downtown Tunis.

In 1988, Sadri, the eldest fils, took over the flambeau of “Chez Slah” and perpetuated the paternal legacy for 22 years, until he launched his own restaurant, his lifelong desire, the “Dar Slah” in the Medina of Tunis, to be able to share his passion for the family cuisine, typical and authentic Tunisian.

At Dar Slah, the cuisine is fresh and original. It begins with the choice of raw materials. Sadri goes to the Central Market of Tunis to select the best, freshest and seasonal products to concoct the menu of the day.

Madfouna, couscous with osben, gnawiya, so many traditional dishes that will make you salivate but also new ones, authentic creations straight out of the spirit of adventure of his chef, such as couscous with squid ink, marquit boufriwa bel bakri (hazelnut stew with veal) or the latest one, quince stuffed with whiting.

145, Kasbah street

Tunisian, traditional and original creations


Lunch, Set menus of the day, Ramadan Iftar dinner, Delivery