Dar Ben Gacem

Dar Ben Gacem

Dar Ben Gacem, One House, Two Mansions

Composed of two residences, one located on Pacha Street near the Medersa Bir Lahjar and the second on Kahia Street near the famous high school on Pacha Street, Dar Ben Gacem will welcome you in the serenity, cachet, history and decoration of each of them.

This house will take you on a journey through history and will tell you about the births and marriages it has hosted for more than three centuries. It will share with you all the happy and sad moments it has witnessed over the years. Carried by these memories, you will also find yourself telling her your own dreams and aspirations for the future.

You will fall in love with every corner of her two homes as her soul has been carefully crafted by meticulous craftsmen with ancestral skills.

At Dar Ben-Gacem, the past and the present are in harmony. Its value lies not only in the protection of its ancient history and originality, but also in its consistent restoration according to modern standards.

Dar Ben Gacem – Pacha
Dar Ben Gacem – Kahia
38, Pacha street & 16, Kahia street