Balgha : The Three Camels

Balgha : The Three Camels

The craft of the Balgha at Les Trois Chameaux

At Les Trois Chameaux, the craft of the Balgha is a knowledge transmitted for generations from father to son.

Souhail Fitouri, fifth generation Balghaji, learned the trade from his father, “Amine El Balgha” or Master craftsman of the Balgha of the Medina of Tunis. Today, with his brand, Les Trois Chameaux, he makes this art evolve and develop it to meet the standards of contemporary fashion by collaborating with renowned designers such as Anissa Aida.

Les Trois Chameaux is a brand that is exported. You can find it in the best Concept Stores in Europe. But to discover its essence and have the magical opportunity to witness its birth, you must go to the Medina of Tunis, where the magic happens.

At Les Trois Chameaux, the Balgha is available in several colors and even decorated with original patterns. This diversity and renewal will bring to your outfit a touch combining the perfection of tradition and the madness of originality.

Souk El Blaghjia