Palace Kheireddine

Museum of the city of Tunis

The palace is located near to the Hafsia district, on the Place du Tribunal, in the heart of the Medina of Tunis. Built between 1860 and 1870 on the initiative of Minister Kheireddine Pacha, the palace is a mixture of Tunisian and European architecture.

The palace is distinguished by its facade with large openings on the street and its Italianate interior decoration with its golden moldings, of which nothing remains today. In fact, because of many transformations and demolitions, all that remains of the original building is the decoration of a living room with a cast iron fireplace and the modified part of the facade. Its transformations, which occurred after the departure of the minister Kheireddine with the French protectorate, are due to the division of the residence at its sale in 1881, many owners having shared the ground.

The Kheireddine Palace, classified as a historical monument by the decree of October 19, 1992, is today and since 1999, the seat of the museum of the city of Tunis, which occupies its northern wing on the Place du Tribunal.